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Michael Jackson accomplishments


October 18, 1997 – After 82 concerts in 35 countries and 5 continents, The “HIStory World Tour” ended on October 15, 1997. The total number of people to attend The “HIStory World Tour” was about 4.5 million people. The last concert took place in Durban, South Africa.
August 10, 1997 – Over 600,000 people attended the “HIStory World Tour” alone in Germany! This breaks the record for the most people ever to attend a tour in Germany.

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Answers and questions about M. Jackson


Did Micheal Jackson use a jetpack at one of his concerts?
Did he fly high?

Did he crash land into the crowd?

Michael Jackson used a jetpack at every one of his concerts on the Dangerous tour.
Yes, he flew high.

No, he did not crash land into the crowd.

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The HIStory World Tour of M. Jackson


On his third solo world tour, Michael Jackson sold out tours around the planet.

At the beginning of the spectacle, your attention is focused on one of the many huge jumbo TV screens as you see a rocket flying around the world through imporant moments in HIStory. Then out of the middle of the stage pops out a large rocket. The backdoor is kicked out and then a man in a gold and silver space suit and helmet walks out. He slowly takes of his helmet and it is Michael Jackson. He stands there for a few minutes and the crowd goes crazy! Then Scream begins. Michael sings the lines that Janet originally sang on the HIStory album. They Don’t Care About Us then begins and dancers are thrown out from underneath the stage. The song is almost a remix with different marching periods in the middle of the song. Then Michael goes on to perform In The Closet.

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The DANGEROUS World Tour of Michael Jackson


All eyes are focused on the large jumbo televsion screens as video of various moments in Michael Jackson’s life are shown upon the screens. This video, which Michael calls “Kaleidoscope”, is the same video that Michael put on his “Dangerous – The Short Films” and “Video Greatest Hits – HIStory” home videos. A large fist punches the screen and then says “BRACE YOURSELF”. BAM! Michael Jackson is thrown out from below the stage and explosions sound. Michael Jackson stares at the crowd to his right. He stands like a statue. Moments later Michael turns his head and looks to his left. Then slowly he takes off his sunglasses as a guitar starts to play.

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The BAD World Tour of M. Jackson


Smoke covers the large stage and a light shines. Then an image coming out of the smoke appears. The crowd screams and yells as loud as the sound barrier will let them. Out of the smoke comes, Michael Jackson. The crowd screams, some fainting, as Michael takes of his jacket and Wanna Be Startin’ Something begins. The crowd jumps up and down as Michael begins the first song to his first solo tour. This uptempo dance song is suddenly stopped and Michael and the dancers freeze onstage. The crowd cheers. The song starts again. The song is stopped by sudden halts as everyone freezes and eventually the song comes to an end.

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Interesting Michael Jackson Facts


Did you know that in December of 1978 The Jacksons made their own production company called “Peacock Productions”? It was named this because of the picture in The Jacksons’ album “Destiny”.

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Michael Jackson Ghost


Ghost, that is the name to Michael’s one-half hour long short film that was released in selected movie theatures on October 25-31, 1996. In it Michael plays multiple people with the help of great special effects. Michael’s video for “2 Bad” (found on Michael’s “HIStory – Past, Present and Future Book 1″ CD) is featured in this film about, you guessed it, ghosts.

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Another M. Jackson Essay


Okay – this will hopefully be my last posting to this Group!
Before I go for Good – I just wanted some of you to know my reasons for Liking Michael Jackson – and more importantly the reasons why I finally feel I must go. If you feel like poking fun at them – so be it! But my admiration for him is not a hollow one! and it is not one that I would expect half of you to relate to. Maybe I take things far too personally but I am tired of Having to be careful of what I write for fear of it being turned around – all I want is somewhere to go and discuss what I see in Michael Jackson’s music – and how it affects me – after all isn’t the News group entitled Alt.MUSIC. Michael Jackson.

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Michael Jackson Story – 2


At 3:00 in the afternoon the jet pulled down jambery plane lane. It was about to land. On the side the marvelous letters MJJ and two shoes on tip toe were painted. Fans cheered and sang a welcome tune and dance as the plane door began to open. Out steps Michael though tired from his tour a smile was on his face. He waved to the crowd saying I love you and laughing with the fans. He walked through the two lines of security to his van for a wonderful trip home to Neverland. As they finally got out of the airport he decided to rest a little while and then maybe work on the idea he soo longed to create. An hour later Michael happened to open his beautiful brown eyes and looked out the window for a beautiful sight but what he saw brought a tear to his eyes.

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